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Finally got round to update the sketchmaps and contact information in the CONTACT page.

25 Jan 11 --------Building lots of custom alloy road bikes flat and drop bar types.

Custom bike building particularly road bikes is a larger proportion of the business.. I have scores of alloy road and MTB frames ready to build up into (mainly) road bikes with inclusion of own built road wheels and carbon forks.

I will update the website in next few weeks to reflect the many new developments in the business over the last year.

I intend to build a larger proportion of drop bar bikes this year, particularly as I now have sourced new Microshift 9 and 10 speed drop bar STI shifters. These are equivelent to Shimano Tiagra but at lower price.

This enables me to build an alloy frame bike with, carbon fork, handbuilt whees , Tiagra Hollowtech 2 groupset with Microshift 9 x 2 speed STI shifters for only 650 approx. This is about 200 less than equivelent spec bikes available from the large manufacturers.

Note also that I can build an equivelent flat bar version of above for approx 500, Flat bars are always cheaper due to much lower cost for MTB type gear shifters.

Remember also that I build a lot of budget priced flat bar road bikes based on secondhand frames with steel forks but good handbuilt wheels for approx 300, also equivelent priced all new lightweight but simply constructed bikes. I will detail these variants in the near future.

The recently sold page shows a wide selection of available build configurations.

9 May 10 --------Custom and Intermediate price road bikes selling well also new Python hybrids available.

Sales of custom road bikes both new full spec versions and intermediate priced versions based on secondhand alloy MTB frames are going well. I have at least a dozen of these alloy secondhand MTB frames ready for conversion to road bikes.
Will soon update the CONVERSIONS section to reflect the wide range of conversion options I now offer.

I have bought in approx 10 new alloy framed Python Quantum 8000 hybribs. These are great value for money at 200 given they have nice doublewall wheels , Ahead handlebar stems and good quality smooth tread tyres. The doublewall wheels are ideal also for fitment of racing tyres for more tarmac speed.

I have sold one this week modified as a tourer with Michilin Dynamic 25mm race tyres fitted.

See links below for examples of recenly sold bikes.

Custom road bike built with 17 in B1 Stellis MTB frame, Carbon fork, hand built 700 wheels and road brakes. Cost 400

Custom road bike built with 19 in B1 Mason MTB frame, Carbon fork, hand built 700 wheels and road brakes.This bike was originally built last year but here has been modifies by replacement of straight bar with drop bar and Sora Shifters.

New Python Quantum 8000 modified as a tourer with Michilin Dynamic 25mm race tyres fitted and touring handlebar.

10 Mar 10 --------New "dual spec" custom bike proposal. also Current Activities page updated.

I intend to offer a dual spec bike based on an MTB frame which is supplied with two sets of wheels, MTB wheels for light off roading and a set of narrow road wheels for road cycling. The frame and wheel sets will be fitted with disc brakes which will make conversion from one spec to the other as simple as changing the quick release wheels.

This dual spec bike is a low cost way of having bikes for light off roading and fast road use with the furthur benefit of space reduction.

This bike is a furthur development in my use of MTB frames for road bikes. Cost for such a bike would be in the region of 550, I will use alloy forks with the alloy frames and custom build the race wheels with disc hubs -- probably Shimano Deore or Novatec cartridge bearing disc hubs.

Why not buy a hybrid bike instead ? Hybrids are not as efficient as true road bikes on the road due to higher weight and wider more resistant tyres. Again for light off roading the dual bike would be lighter and faster than a hard tail MTB. This dual spec bike is the best of both worlds for little extra outlay.


18 Jan 10 --------New Premises and proposed future changes.

I have recently moved to an industrial unit - See CONTACT link for maps and details.

I plan to expand my activities in adult bikes with an increased range of custom bikes and bike conversions.
I will continue of course to service and repair bikes of all sorts and supply new bikes from Raleigh and Diamondback.

I propose due partly to space limitation to reduce my stock of secondhand childrens bikes except for BMX bikes.
My website is badly out of date and requires considerable rewriting to reflect my current activities, I hope to have time to remedy this within the next few weeks.

20 Sept 09 --------More custom alloy / carbon fork MTB to road converts and standard frame road bikes. Click on pic links below. NOTE also major update of the CUSTOM CARBON / ALLOY ROAD BIKES link.

Another Custom road bike built with 17 in MTB frame, Carbon fork, entry level 700 wheels and road brakes. Cost 325

Custom road bike built with painted 16 in MTB frame, Carbon fork, entry level 700 wheels and road brakes. This bike was built for an average height lady, as the small MTB frame gives a low cost means of building a small frame road bike. The gearing is relaxed by using an MTB chainring which gives greater cycling range. Owner delighted by performance.

Custom road bike with Mach1 Omega wheel rims--Alloy 52cm race frame, Carbon fork, handbuilt race wheels and road brakes.

Custom built 52 cm road bike with oval style handlebars--Alloy race frame, Carbon fork, handbuilt race wheels and road brakes.

21 Aug 09 --------Current Activities updated today ---See link above..

28 July 09 --------Another Alloy MTB to road bike conversion.

See pics below of another conversion commission, a Gary Fisher Marlin - originally a craggy hardtail, now a flat bar road bike with racing wheels and tyres, carbon fork and road arch brakes.

Runs like a dream and is very light - customer very happy. Conversion cost 250 including stainless steel cables.

Alloy Gary Fisher MTB converted to a road bike.

20 July 09 --------Alloy MTB to drop bar road bike conversion.

I have converted a few alloy MTB's to straight handlebar road bikes ---see pics below however for the first converted with drop bars. - before and after pics.
This bike was first built 18 months ago as a lightweight leisure MTB with an alloy fork and Xzero 24 spoke wheels (not shown) fitted with slick 26 x 1.5 in tyres. The owner recently indicated that he was interested in buying a drop bar racing bike. I suggested a conversion as this results in a dual spec bike which may be reconvereted at any time to the original MTB spec. The owner indicated that he will reconvert to MTB spec for winter use.
The second pic shows the drop bar spec - as the MTB spec but with replacement of MTB wheels with racing wheels fitted with Michilin Orium 700 x 23c tyres, a carbon fork and road caliper brakes. The straight handlebar is replaced with a drop bar fitted with Shimano Sora dual road shifters.
Gearing is identical to the original MTB spec 42/32 tooth crank with 11/30 cassette. this gives pleasantly relaxed gears with adequate max road speed and excellent hill climbing ability.

Alloy B1 Stellis MTB original build

Alloy B1 Stellis MTB converted to road bike

Alloy B1 Stellis MTB converted to road bike view of handlebar cabling.

4 July 09 --------Now -- Steel frame MTB to Road bike conversions!!.

I have previously had success in utilising alloy MTB frames for road bike use - see 23 May posting below.
Now I have completed two secondhand steel framed MTB to flat bar road bike conversions - see pic links below. The Giant bike was converted for a customer who wanted a flat bar road bike but liked the large (22 in) frame.
I rebuilt the bike with new trekking road wheels, trekking fork and headset bearings, 700 x 25c Michilin Dynamic tyres a new 8 spd cassette, cartridge BB bearing new brakes bar ends chain and alloy road pedals.
This bike rides exactly like any flat bar built using steel road frames, I now have no shortage of potential frames for building secondhand steel framed flatbar road bikes.

The Silver Fox was built almost identically but with fitment of a 38 tooth single chainring and retention of the MTB fork. This bike will be used for a longish commute. Test riding this bike was a joy as transmission noise was zero and the gearing (38 - 11 / 30) has a wide range to suit all conditions, It's hard to believe these bikes were once mountain bikes. They are just as good as any of the many steel frame flat bar racers which I have built to date.

Note that another conversion has been built -- See Razorback link below..

Steel framed Giant MTB converted to road bike

Steel framed Silver Fox MTB converted to road bike side view

Steel framed Silver Fox MTB converted to road bike front view

Steel framed Silver Fox MTB converted to road bike rear view

Steel framed Universal Razorback MTB converted to road bike.

23 May 09 --------Some new road bike developments.

See pics below of two prototype road bikes built using MTB frames with carbon forks and 700 racing wheels.
The Stellis bike is built with a 17 in frame which comes beautifully painted and lacquered.
The black bike is built with an 18 in frame which can be painted in any desired colour.
These bikes are very light and ride beautifully, I built them with MTB frames as an experiment to extend my road bike range to suit smaller ladies and teenagers.

The result however exceeded my expectations, I really like small road frames and the 17 in Stellis fits me perfectly, ( I am 5 ft 10 in). Small frames are lighter and stiffer and handle better - I find.
The bikes shown are not complete, requiring cutting of the steering tube and fitment of rear racing caliper brakes and a front mech.
These bikes are available for test riding now.

New B1 Stellis MTB based road bike Side View

New B1 Stellis MTB based road bike front wheel View

New unpainted MTB based road bike Side View

11 May 09 --------My new road bike --.

See pics linked below of my new road bike, this time with a silver frame same carbon fork and jazzy wheels, also FSA oversize alloy handlebar and an adjustable 4 bolt stem. Note that I have built the front wheel with radial spokes.

New straight bar road bike Side View

New straight bar road bike Side View front wheel

New straight bar road bike Handlebar (twistgrip shifter is temporary)

New straight bar road bike View of new Outland racing seat V light V comfy Only 26.

9 May 09 --------Custom Road Bikes --.

I have been busy lately and have neglected updating the website.
Currently selling lots of light alloy framed Raleigh AT05 MTB,s with slick tyres fitted.

Sold three more Custom straight handlebar road bikes like those linked below in the 9 Nov posting.
I sold off my own bike - the one listed, and am building a new one with polished frame and jazzy wheels for the summer.
Meanwhile heres a pic of one I sold a week ago.

Recently sold straight bar road bike.

8 April 09 --------More Secondhand Bikes --.

I have recently purchased approx 25 secondhand bikes, Gents section updated, see link

26 in wheel gents bikes awaiting recondition.

Fast road hybrids selling well - especially fitted with narrow racer wheels and tyres.
Recently converted a customers race bike to single speed. Nice bike see pic link below.

Fausto Coppi Singlespeed conversion. --Side View

8 March 09 --------Fast road hybrids --.

Have been building and selling uprated hybrid bikes recently. These are Raleigh Urban 1 alloy framed hybrids with 700 x 25 racing tyres fitted. This results in a lighter faster bike for road use. Price only 185.

I am considering selling same bikes both gents and ladies with doublewall racing wheels and 23c red Michilin Orium tyres fitted, alloy seatpost and handlebar upgrade. Price approx 250. See pics below.

Fast road ladies version of Urban 1. --Side View

Fast road ladies version of Urban 1. --Front View

9 Nov 08 ---------At last the new Winter Bike -- Back in Black --.

I have just built the first lightweight alloy / carbon road bike for my winter use and as a demonstrater for this inexpensive but very desirable bike type.
See pic link below -- more pics soon
This one is in a black anodised alloy frame with carbon fork, I also build them in polished alloy with same fork. See pic below.
Some uprates from last years model
* Doublewall wheels my own home built wheels with Ritchey rims, stainless steel double butted spokes and Quando hubs. I intend to supply this bike with a pair of these wheels as they are fairly winter proof.
* Michilin Orium Red striped tyres - 700 x 23c.
* 31.8 mm oversize alloy handlebar with 4 bolt stem, both Outland brand.
* Shimano Sora rear mech with 8 speed cassette (11-30 shown here)
* Sram 8 speed trigger rear shifter (not shown).

New Winter 08 bike.

Front view.

Front view of handlebar -ignore non standard gearshifter and grips.

Bottom Bracket area weld detail.

Rear gear view.

View of crank.

Handlebar view. (trigger shifter not shown)

Front wheel.

New winter 08 bike Polished alloy version - unfinished pic.

Home built 700 road wheels available for this bike

20 Oct 08 ---------NEW additions to Adult bike section..

Gents 26 in PRE - Recondition section - - approx 10 bikes added.

18 Oct 08 ---------Alloy framed MTB Raleigh Freeride AT05 PRICE REDUCTION..

I have purchased 4 of these excellent lightweight bikes and am offering them at 135 - 30 off and with road tyres fitted.
I currently have sizes 17 in men 2 off, 14 in ladies 1 off and 17 in ladies 1 off.
Can order other sizes with 24 hour delivery.
I have one 17 in gents bike built as a demonstrator - so come round anytime for a test ride, you will be surprised how light and freely these bikes run. They are my best value new commuter / leisure bikes. --See Pic below

Raleigh Freeride ATO5.


12 Oct 08 ---------Bike Maintenance Courses.

I am considering starting bike maintenance courses. If interested please contact me. I will publish details shortly.


I am now offering a full wheel building and repair service. I will be able to build Road , MTB and Hybrid wheels using Mavic and Ritchey rims, double butted stainless steel spokes (silver and black) with a choice of most Shimano hubs (road and MTB) as well as Novatech road and MTB hubs with cartridge bearings.
I will post more info soon on prices and spec, however pricing will be very competitive.
Feel free to ring or email me with enquiries about wheelbuilding or wheel repair services.

23 Sept 08 ---------I am now building my own road bike wheels - Ritchey rims, Quando 8/9 speed cassette hubs, stainless steel double butted spokes - (28 spoke rear 24 spoke front) pic below.
Available for an introductory price of 70.

Home built 700 road wheels.

Have added approx 21 bikes to the UNreconditioned adult bike page.

15 Sept 08 ---------Have bought about a dozen steel frame adult size MTB's for reconditioning - pics soon.

10 Sept 08 ---------. Have bought several Kinesis Ferrari red alloy trekking frames with intention of building "super lightweight" 700 wheel flat bar road bikes with Kinesis alloy forks, simple gearing and single front chainrings. These bikes should weigh approx 22 lb and run beautifully.

8 Sept 08 ---------. Will soon be building several 700 trekking rear wheels with 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub gears, for fitment into alloy track framesets as very lightweight, low maintenance, winter hub bikes.

5 Sept 08 ---------. Have bought a large quantity of "Mighty" branded alloy/steel single ring cranksets for fitment into uprated MTB,s.
These cranks are very light, simplify the gearing and are hassle free and quiet in operation.
I have built about a dozen such bikes and have found them to be very popular.
Note that I use a 46 tooth Mighty chainring on my personal fixed wheel bike.

Full Carbon race frameset delivered. ----------10 July 08.

KIDS BIKES page updated --- BMX and ADULTS pages still to be updated ----------10 July 08.

More bikes added to unreconitioned Girls, Trad and BOYS pages ---designated 30 June. ----------30 June 08.

Second fast road uprated Diamondback Eastwood sold. ----------23 June 08.

First fast road uprated Diamondback Eastwood sold. ----------17 June 08.

Alloy Road and MTB frames added to Components Pages. ----------1 June 08.

Custom built track style fixed wheel road bike with flat bars. ----------27 May 08.

Pics of newly built "fixie". Click on following links.

Track bike with specifications - side view.

Track bike - front view.

New Diamondback Eastwood Alloy frame Hybrid bike - Fast Road Version ----------26 May 08.

I am currently modifying some of these Trekking bikes (see NEW BIKES link) by fitting 28 mm road racing tyres and standard alloy seatposts in place of the suspension seatposts.
These modifications reduce weight and reduce rolling resistance.
The result is a very low priced aluminium framed flat bar road bike with STI shifter gears and relaxed gearing.
Ideal for commuters or those wanting a refined lightweight flat bar road bike with slightly lower gearing than standard racing bikes.
I have modified such bikes before and know the resulting machine is lighter and faster on the road than the already good performing original spec.
Wil have pics in a day or so in the NEW BIKES section.
Price 220 ( the SRP) with road tyres and original trekking tyres and alloy seatpost. Add 8 for alloy MTB type pedals or lightweight alloy road pedals with toeclips.
Remember also that for all my new bikes wheel bearings are extra lubricated and correctly adjusted to extend service life. I also lubricate the brake and gear inner cables and also grease pack the freewheels to prevent water ingress and subsequent corrosion.

Fast Road Version of Diamondback Eastwood Hybrid Bike.

Bikes awaiting recondition 26 in wheel listing ----------21 May 08.

I have added approximatly half the 26 in wheel size bikes still to be reconditioned.
Will add remaining over next few days then complete the listing with approximatly a dozen BMX bikes.

Bikes awaiting recondition full pic listing ----------19 May 08.

I have begun to list all bikes in storage awaiting recondition. I have listed all such bikes in the Boys and Girls bike sections covering 20 inch and 24 inch wheel sizes.

Bikes awaiting recondition full pic listing ----------12 May 08.

I intend over the next week or so to publish pics of all of the secondhand bikes awaiting recondition.
Each listing will have a target price depending on requested recondition spec.
This is nescessary as I have a huge backlog of bikes which are not visable to potential buyers.

Track Bike. First road test ----------5 May 08.

Fitted my preferred flat bar and brakes to the Montana track bike and hit the road for a 20 mile test run - Hamilton - Larkhall - Quarter - Hamilton via EK back road.
Bike was very light and responsive, extremely smooth pedalling, no problem with moderate inclines ith light headwind.
Had to Hop off however on a very steep hill which I normally have to climb in bottom gear on my normal bike (front ring 46t, rear gear 28t).
Overall impression Great workout - easiest pedal over the course ever, this is a great fun bike the lightest / easiest ride I have ever had.
I think I am becoming addicted and might reserve this first bike for myself.
For those who want to climb even tough hills then an 18 tooth gear may be fitted in place of the standard 16 tooth gear.
Of course those who prefer single speed with freewheels may be catered for with a choice of 16t, 18t, 20t freewheels fitted to the other side of the flip flop wheel.
Call me for a test ride on this bike anytime

Recieved Track Bike. ----------1 May 08.

I have recieved a Montana track bike. This bike comes with brakes (not shown). Spec includes alloy frame and cromalloy fork, 46 tooth chainring, 16 tooth fixed rear gear and flipflop rear wheel. These specs may be altered of course.
This bike is for sale at 295 or with a carbon fork fitted 350.
Please contact me for furthur details or a viewing.
Click on link below for large pic

Montana track bike.

Recieved Track framesets. ----------26 April 08.

I have recieved 5 sets of track frames and forks. All alloy colour gloss black powder coating, size all 55cm (approx 19 in).
I intend to build singlespeeds with flip flop rear wheels. Target price approx 280.

I am also considering purchasing fully built track bikes, click on link for pic. If interested in this or my own builds please contact me. NOTE this bike comes with brakes (not shown). Spec includes alloy frame and fork, 46 tooth chainring, 16 tooth rear gear and flipflop rear wheel. These specs may be altered of course.

Track bike pre built

Starting to recondition again. ----------16 April 08.

Have started to recondition again after the winter, therefore the secondhand bike pic sections will soon build up again.

Alloy frame / alloy fork track bikes available soon..

Will purchase a number of alloy track frames with alloy forks for building into singlespeeds and hub bikes - (including Shimano Nexus hubs)
Frame size 55cm only with matt black finish.

Alloy Carbon "winter bike" progress report. ----------16 Feb 08.

My personal De Luxe winter bike used everyday since November is holding up extremely well to the ravages of winter.
Everything works perfectly - down to my winter preperation including grease packing the freewheel and greasing the brake mechanism dual pivots.
Daily maintenance involves cleaning / oiling the chain using a washing up sponge with a little motor oil. This ensures no rusting adequate lubrication without excess oil fouling the rear wheel.
I have cleaned the bike today after a nice run in the countryside and it looks great. Pedals and wheel spokes only showing signs of tarnishing, though no rusting of the spokes.
Click on the link to see pic.

My winter bike - Feb 16

Steel frame road bike build ----------15 Feb 08.

I have bought 12 steel road bike frames, which I intend to build as basic flat bar road bikes - identical spec to my "lowcost" alloy / carbon fork bikes but at a very reasonable cost of 170. For pic of first built see MISC section. Will have better pics / desc soon. Suffice to say this is another very pleasant riding bicycle, built with low gearing and ultra simple maintenance in mind.

Grease packed freewheel and cassette freehub offer.

I can now supply Shimano freewheels (6 and 7 speed) and 8 / 9 speed cassette freehub bodies 100% filled with grease.
This is a must for winter / wet use commuter bikes as it completely prevents water ingress and corrosion damage as well as pawl sticking. See components Cassettes Freewheels section.

M Wave alloy handlebar recall ----------24 Jan 08.

One of the above named handlebars cracked while I was riding on my personal road bike a few days ago.
I have decided to replace these handlebars for all affected customers - See MISC link for furthur details.

Quality Wheelsets Available ----------12 Jan 08.

Deore hub MTB-- 90
Formula disc hub MTB 75
Both with black rims and stainless steel spokes. Single wheels also available. See New Components / Accessories/ Tools Link above.
Have 700 Shimano Ultegra hub road wheels with RItchey rims also available for 110 - pics in a day or so.
Purchasers of wheelsets will get significant discounts on tyres and tubes.

New Steel Road bike framesets available early Jan.-------20 Dec 07

New manufactured steel framesets in "Canary Yellow" avail early Jan, Will assess them and if ok will build low cost flatbar road bikes / winter bikes / singlespeed / hub gear bikes.
These framesets are significant in that they should be low cost consistant quality stock for building a wide range of budget bike types, including hub gear and singlespeeds.

First "lowcost" alloy Carbon Bike sold ..........14 Dec 07

First comissioned "Lowcost" spec flat bar road bike sold today. Identical spec to my own Winter bike except for rack. See pic in RECENTLY SOLD link.

Have recently bought a few dozen more secondhand bikes for reconditioning including ALLOY frame BMX bikes - see BMX section. also an Alloy frame Raleigh Starz girls bike in excellent condition - see GIRLS BIKES link.

Currently building 5 speed gear Sturmey Archer hub wheels for fitment in MTB and road frames. These will make useful low maintenance winter bikes.

Brilliant LED lightset for 10. ..........28 Nov 07

Absolutly brilliant Front / Rear LED lightset on offer. Tiny - only 36 mm dia and 100 mm long front light with quick release, rear even smaller - pics in a day or so.
The front light has 3 modes BURST, FLASHING and steady beam. It requires only 4 AAA batteries and is so bright with 5 lens focussed super bright blue / white LED's that it lights up the road ahead almost like a halogen light.
The rear light with 3 superbright red LED's has 4 flash modes with light intensity typical of other good quality rear LED lights. This light requires 2 AAA batteries. All batteries are supplied.
I am using these lights on my current "winter bike" both light units have rubber seals for weather protection and have robust mountings.