Current Activities

In addition to the routine of continuing to recondition my vast stock of secondhand bikes and carrying out bike repairs, the following are the main activities completed or planned for this week.

25 Jan 2011

Apologies for neglecting this page, I will endeavour to keep up to date in future.

This week I am upgrading a lightweight hybrid bike built for a customer 18 months ago. The upgrade features a Deore groupset, new Avid road disc brakes and build of a new wheelset featuring a front hub dynamo.

In addition I am building road wheelsets and also building flat bar road bikes for sale and possibly for rent as these are lightweight but basic bikes built on small MTB frames - will have pics in a few days.

10 Mar 2010

Its been a long time since last update. Since then I have been busy converting mountain bikes into road bikes. A good example is the Barracuda hardtail which I converted last week for a student who wanted a more efficient bike for road commuting. The bike (see link below) was converted to my highest spec with the suspension fork replaced with a carbon road fork, road double pivot brakes, race wheels and tyres. cassette and chain. (note pic shows fork steerer prior to cutting to length)

The resulting bike was (and always is) vastly lighter with the agility and efficiency of a good flat bar road bike. .

I charge 250 for these conversions with a guarantee of satisfaction -- no one has ever requested a reversion to hard tail.

Barracuda converted

Other work this week includes build of another MTB based road bike based on a grey alloy Edinburgh frame and a step thru style custom bike being built for a lady in London. This bike is required to be extra lightweight as it must be carried up flights of stairs.

I will include pics of these bikes in this posting in a few days.

Sunday 21 Aug 09

Since posting below I have been converting alloy and steel MTB's into road bikes See RECENTLY SOLD LINK.

This week I will be building a pair of trekking bikes for a couple based on a polished alloy 50cm trekking frame and for the lady an uprated 14 in alloy framed Raleigh Urban 1.

I have just started to build an MTB frame based road bike for a female customer. This bike is based on a 16 in alloy MTB frame which will be painted red to a colour supplied by the customer.
Spec is Racing doublewall wheels with red Michilin tyres, carbon fork, straight handlebar and Shimano Alivio groupset gearing. This results in a very light bike with adequate top speed and excellent hill climbing ability all at a very reasonable cost, with low ongoing cost of ownership.
Use of a 16 in alloy MTB frame results in a correctly sized bike as min available size for a road bike frame is 52 cm (almost 4 in larger) See pic link below

Update Pic

Custom road bike built with painted 16 in MTB frame, Carbon fork, entry level 700 wheels and road brakes. This bike was built for an average height lady, as the small MTB frame gives a low cost means of building a small frame road bike. The gearing is relaxed by using an MTB chainring which gives greater cycling range. Owner delighted by performance.

I have aso recieved an order for a road bike built from a 17 in polished alloy MTB, this bike will be built with my handbuilt road wheels, a carbon fork and Shimano Alivio groupset. The Customer is 5 ft 7 in tall so the smaller frame is more suitable than the smallest available road frame at 52 cm.

Update Pic

Another Custom road bike built with 17 in MTB frame, Carbon fork, entry level 700 wheels and road brakes. Cost 325

Mon 9 Mar 09------Sun 15 March 09

I have built a a 5 spd Sturmey Archer hub into a Mach 1 narrow racing rim using double butted stainless steel spokes. This wheel will be fitted to an alloy track frame and fork to build a hub bike with a flat handlebar and racing wheels (700x23c red Michilin Orium tyres). This should be a very lightweight hub bike --- I may also include a track rear wheel and offer this bike as a combined hub / fixed wheel bike.

I have recently bought a number of alloy framed Raleigh Urban 1 700 wheel hybrid bikes, including half a dozen 14 in ladies models. (ideal for average height ladies). I am offering these bikes as standard or modified to a very high spec by fitting narrow doublewall cassette racing wheels fitted with red Michilin Orium tyres and fitment of alloy handlebar and seatpost. These bikes will be very light with easy pedalling and be very competitivly priced at around 250. The unmodified model has a retail price of 199 --- my price 185. Some pics below.

Fast road ladies version of Urban 1. --Side View

Fast road ladies version of Urban 1. --Front View

Sun 9 Feb 09------Sun 8 March 09

Plenty of repairs and reconditioning keeping me busy also a fair few new bike sales including a pair of "fast road hybrids" sold to a young couple for training up to participate in a long distance charity run in the summer.
Another fast road hybrid was sold with a reconditiones MTB to a retired couple last week for general fitness purposes. The female hybrid bikes were Raleigh Urban 1 models modified by fitting racing tyres (Michilin Dynamic 700x 25c) The gents bike was the last of my Diamondback Eastwoods fitted with same tyres but also doublewall narrow racing wheels.

Sold my own fixed wheel bike to a local customer for 250.

Have recieved an order for a modified Raleigh Freeride AT05 from a 78 yr old man from Cleveland.

Mon 2 Feb -----Sun 9 Feb 09.

Quite a good week for this time of year. Enough repairs etc to keep me going plus a few notable sales.

Sold a black alloy framed custom bike identical to my own to a local commuter. This bike was "winter prepared" like my own bike with such features as brake pivots and headset bearings lubricated with Rocol Aqua Sapphire non emulsifying grease (much higher water resistance - for submerged use eg boat trailer wheel bearings), BB bearing spindle protection and of course extra grease added to wheel bearings. Stainless steel brake and gear cables were fitted also.

See Pic.

Sold my own fixed wheel bike

See Pic.

Mon 11 Jan -----Sun 25 Jan 09.

Orders for bikes and repairs continuing at a relativly high rate for the time of year.
Sold another Raleigh Freeride AT05 alloy framed MTB .
Sold a custom yellow steel frame flat bar road bike. (again with my home built racer wheels and red Michilin Orium tyres).
Have recieved an order for an alloy frame carbon fork flat bar road bike identical to my current bike detailed below. (See 10 - 17 Nov below)
This bike will be "winter prepared" like my own.

Mon 1 Dec -----Sun 15 Dec.

Sold another Raleigh AT05 with street tyres.

Sold a custom Flatbar bike similar to my own but with polished alloy frame - same home built road wheels and red Michilin tyres. Price only 350 --See pics below.

Polished alloy bike side view.

Polished alloy bike front view.

Polished alloy bike view of bottom bracket welding.

Polished alloy bike view of carbon fork.

Polished alloy bikeview of rear gears (8 speed cassette).

Mon 17 Nov -----Sun 24 Nov.

Recieved an order for a new Raleigh AT20 MTB.
Recieved a commission to build an alloy framed MTB for off road use.
Reconditioned several bikes for kids and adults.
Continuing to build wheelsets for use in my own bikes and for sale -- see pic link below.

Home built 700 road wheel sets. - Price 65 - introductory offer

Mon 10 Nov -----Sun 17 Nov.

Recieved order for bike described below but with polished alloy frame option.

Built first lightweight winter roadbike for personal use and as a demonstrator. See pic links below.
This bike weighs approx 21 lbs and has relaxed gearing, runs beautifully winter or summer.
Similar to last years very successful model - See Custom Carbon Road Bikes link - but with a few upgrades.

* Anodised alloy black frame 52cm shown. - Polished silver available too. Same Carbon fork.
* Oversized alloy handlebar and 4 bolt stem by Outland.
* Doublewall Wheels ( My own built Ritchey rims with double butted stainless steel spokes) with 8 speed Cassette (11-30) .
* Same 46 tooth single chainring - 44 and 38 tooth also available..
* Sora rear Mech.
* Deore or SRAM lightweight rear shifter, preferred to STI shifters as much lighter.
* Stainless steel brake and gear cables.
* Price 350

New Winter 08 bike.

Front view.

Front view of handlebar -ignore non standard gearshifter and grips.

Bottom Bracket area weld detail.

Rear gear view.

View of crank.

Handlebar view. (trigger shifter not shown)

Front wheel.

Polished alloy version - unfinished pic.

Home built 700 road wheels available for this bike

Mon 2 Nov -----Sun 9 Nov.

Sold a new alloy frame ladies Raleigh AT05 with sweptback type handebar to a customer requiring an upright sitting position. See pics below.

Raleigh AT05 alloy MTB with swept handlebar conversion SIDE VIEW.

Raleigh AT05 alloy MTB with swept handlebar conversion HANDLEBAR VIEW.

Mon 20 Oct -----Sun 26 Oct

Raleigh Winner completed, built with flat bar conversion, new 700 wheels, trekking tyres,gears, chain, 44 tooth single chainring and lightweight rack. ---Looks really good --- see pic below. Note that I have another identical frame plus lots more road frames to rebuild on demand.

Raleigh Winner steel roadbike revamped...

Recieved five bikes from one family, three MTB's for servicing and two steel road bikes for flat bar conversion

Mon 13 Oct -----Sun 19 Oct

Recieved four New Raleigh Freeride ATO5 alloy framed MTB's for conversion to road standard. Have built a 17 in gents version as a demonstrator and am selling Gents and Ladies versions for only 135 - 30 less than SRP and with street tyres fitted! See Pic link below
Have two Gents 17 in in stock - Ideal size for average height man.
Have one 14 in frame and one 17 in frame ladies version in stock also.

Raleigh Freeride AT05 alloy road spec MTB..

Reconditioned two boys bikes, Reebok Viper and Raleigh Max.

Sold another Titan Vibe BMX.

Reconditioning a Gents Raleigh Winner road bike and converting to flatbar standard with rack for a local commuter.

Mon 6 Oct -----Sun 12 Oct

Sold a new United Earth alloy framed Dutch style bike.

United Earth alloy step through Dutch style bike with rack mudguards and dynamo lights -- ONLY 150.

Sold a polished alloy MTB to full lightweight spec ie: Doublewall wheels, alloy fork, 24 spd Sti gear shifters, slick street tyres. Built Thursday. These bikes weigh only approx 25 lbs.

Classic lightweight all alloy road spec MTB..

Rear Wheel view

Sold a secondhand flat bar road bike,built from a 22in Peugeot hybrid frame.

Uprated a Dawes steel frame MTB for a female customer, general recondition with fitment of new brakes, slick tyres and a comfortable gel saddle has transformed this bike into a comfortable pleasurable to use bicycle. The customer was very appreciative of this improvement.

Mon 29 Sept -----Sun 5 Oct

Reconditioned a steel frame BMX bike fitted with another gold chain, see pic below

Green BMX with gold chain.

Sold a 20 in reconditioned girls bike.
Sold an alloy BMX fitted with a gold chain to a customer who ordered another smaller version for a little brother -- again ordered with a gold chain.
Sold another Canary yellow flat bar road bike to a commuter who saw the previous one as it was being handed over -- These little bikes are very easy to sell!

Mon 21 Sept -----Sun 28 Sept

Recieved an order for another Raleigh Freeride AT05 MTB modified with slick street tyres. See link below.

Freeride AT05 spec.

Recieved order for another canary yellow steel frame flatbar road bike from a 64 yr old relative of a customer who late last season bought an alloy / carbon fork flatbar bike..
Intend to fit with the first set of my own built road wheels, (Ritchey rims, Quando 8/9 speed cassette hubs and stainless steel butted spokes) fitted with red Michilin Orium 700 x 23c tyres..

Home built 700 road wheels.


Mon 15 Sept -----Sun 21 Sept

Purchased approx 12 adult sized steel frame MTB's for reconditioning - pics soon.

Order recieved for another "Fast Road" uprated Diamondback Eastwood hybrid bike. See pic below.

Fast road Diamondback Eastwood.

Recieved order for a reconditioned flat bar road bike and a reconditioned ladies MTB built to lightweight spec, these bikes were ordered by a couple requiring commuter / touring bikes with racks and panniers fitted.
Sold a reconditioned aluminium frame BMX bike for 50. See pic below. NOTE several more available.

Titan alloy BMX.

Built a lightweight spec ladies MTB for a customer - Single chainring (44 tooth) for lightness, new chain, gears, pedals, seat, bar grips, slick tyres. Result a light responsive bike for commuting or leisure use - for 75.
I have built quite a few such bikes lately and consider this a very successful modification standard.. See pic below.

Lightweight hybridised MTB.

Mon 7 Sept -----Sun 14 Sept

Uprated two MTB's brought by customers, Uprate involved general refurbishment with slick tyres, fitment of cartridge bottom bracket bearing and replacement of triple chainrings with lightweight 44 tooth or 38 tooth single chainrings. Such bikes are very light and responsive particularly if they have alloy frames.
Building a Canary yelow steel frame road bike for a young lad who wants to start Triathlon training. This bike will be a drop bar type with index gearing on the bar.
Reconditioned an MTB brought by a customer, this involved fitment of new doublewall wheels (Deore hubs) and new V brakes. in addition to normal refurbishment - new cables etc.
Sold another Diamondback Eastwood modified to my "fast road" spec by fitting 28mm race tyres and alloy platorm pedals..
Built two uprated steel frame ladies MTB bikes to my latest uprate standard involving 44 tooth single chainrings and cartridge BB bearings.

Mon 4 Aug -----Sun 10 Aug

Recieved an order for a yellow steel frame flat bar road bike to similar spec to that sold last week

Steel frame flat bar road bike..

Recieved an order for a complete "MTB uprate kit" from a customer in South Wales.

Mon July 28 -----Sun 3 Aug

Rebuilt a drop bar racing bike for a customer involving fitting a new polished alloy frame and carbon fork.

Road racer reframe..

Recieved an order for a canary yellow steel frame flat bar road bike (lightweight single chainring /6 spd spec)
Recieved an order for a Diamondback Eastwood hybrid bike to standard spec with addition of alloy platform pedals.
Delivered the "Orthocycle" a specially modified Diamondback Eastwood hybrid bike for a customer with limited spinal flexibility.

"The Orthocycle".

Recieved an order for a reconditioned flat bar racer.
Recieved orders for 3 reconditioned ladies bikes.
Recieved an order for a reconditioned Marin Bear Valley MTB, will build to lightweight spec - single c/ring /6 gears.

Mon July 21 ----- Sun July 27

Sold a custom alloy flat bar road bike.
Recieved order for a lightweight alloy frame carbon fork commuter bike..
Upgrading by drastic reduction in weight a hybrid bike brought to me. I have removed the suspension fork and replaced it with a super light aluminium fork removed, rack, side stand, chain guard and replaced standard mudguards with a simple rear mudguard. I would like to replace the heavy saddle and suspension seatpost also but this would exceed the budget.
I intend to make a feature of this bike (will have pics etc later) as an example of how a decent basic bike with an alloy frame can be utterly ruined for pleasure riding by the addition of too many accessories and worst of all by inclusion by the manufacturer of a useless suspension fork..
Reconditioning an alloy frame MTB for a commuter..
Reconditioned a steel frame MTB for a customer requiring a bike for fitness /leisure purposes..

Mon July 14 ----- Sun July 20

Building a polished alloy full spec MTB based leisure bike.
Building another canary yellow steel frame road bike using one of my stock of new steel road frames. This bike will be a drop bar type with index gears for a customer requiring an entry level road bike.

Steel frame racers - side view.

Reconditioning a lightweight alloy bike (Raleigh Tundra) for a customer who requires low weight and a high handlebar.
Reconditioning my personal "low cost" winter bike for sale to a customer who requires a lightweight city bike for use all year round. I will build a replacement for personal use and demonstration purposes.

Mon July 7 ----- Sun July 13

Recieved order for a full spec polished alloy MTB based custom leisure bike.
Reconditioned a steel frame ladies MTB from my own stock
Built a custom steel frame road bike for a customer requiring an entry level drop bar racer. Used one of my new canary yelloy framesets and added low cost 12 speed index gear levers to the top of the handlebars - pics in a day or so.
Recieved order for a lightweight alloy frame flat bar road bike to my "winter bike" spec.
Recieved an old steel frame racer for basic recondition
Reconditioning a boys junior BMX.
Reconditioning a recently acquired folding bike for a customer who contacted me some weeks ago requesting one.

Mon June 30 ----- Sun July 6

Bought 21 bikes - currently adding pics to unreconditioned listings - see 30 June label.- mostly 20 / 24 in wheel bikes including a beautiful lightweight aluminium frame Ridgeback girls bike
Reconditioning an old steel frame racer for a customer in Hamilton - new wheels tyres, Cartridge BB bearing and flat bar, will be a good Leisure / exercise bike for road use.
Reconditioning a boys 20 inch wheel MTB Virus for a customer in Airdrie.
Reconditioning a 24 inch wheel girls bike for hire to a customer with a young visitor from Denmark.

Mon June 23 ----- Sun June 29

NOTE I wont be available Saturday June 28, normal service Sunday.

Recieved a commission to build a custom lightweight hub bike with low bar height for a customer with reduced spinal flexibility.
Sold second "fast road "Diamondback Eastwood hybrid varient - see new bikes section.
Completed custom alloy bike for customer in Larkhall. See pic in RECENTLY SOLD section - Alloy bike with disc brakes.
Reconditioned a ladies MTB (adding slick tyres) for a customer in Coatbridge
Reconditioning a pair of mountain bikes brought by customers plus adding slick tyres.

Previous week Mon June 16 ----- Sun June 22

Reconditioning bikes for a family in Strathavon, three supplied one of my own.
Sold first "fast road" uprated Diamondback Eastood, see NEW BIKES section for details
Building a traditional step thru style ladies bike for a customer in Motherwell.
Building a custom alloy MTB for a customer in Larkhall.
Added uprated stem and handlebars to my custom track bike, also a gold chain!
Plan to build an alloy / carbon sports flat bar bike for personal use